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Comedic has evolved incorporating more specialized services and features to current services rendered and ultimately claiming a new innovative name: PC Care.

With the same services now modified in technology and introducing new featured services like remote virus analysis etc. PC Care boasts a capacity to support a wider audience of the business to business as well as business to consumer markets on our commercial trading platform respectively. Home users have now been introduced in our support framework and general operations infrastructure.

We have adopted a newly built and fully web integrated support logging and accurate accounts/admin management system called ‘AdminPro’ another product of the family tree belonging to the World of Weram Technology.

Making use of other such products and applications from the World of Weram Technology namely ‘’, our support technicians, engineers and specialists alike are able to perform a full operation to solve practically any technical problem on site at your office or home.

PC Care (Formerly known as Comedic) now offers memberships and accounts as a new feature from the previous infrastructure. Clients now have a secure online membership area with access to retrieve their accounts, statements, credit vouchers or invoices including access to a download centre to download basic PC tools. To obtain such a account, please register or create a new account using the link provided in the Login Area. Upon verification of an automatic email you will receive when our website generates an activation key, we willl contact you on email regarding a package best suited for your needs and give you your access information into the portal area of our website.

ALWAYS Remember: We're SPECIALISTS on call!




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